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Image for $1K for a new smartphone?

$1K for a new smartphone?

The new  iPhone will be a big test. Will people be willing to shell out big bucks for it? An old law keeps WA from planning for a nuclear attack.  Russell Wilson , regional AM deliveries and Halloween 2017.

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Image for Distracted Driving Law

Distracted Driving Law

What’s banned when Washington’s distracted-driving law goes into effect on July 23.  Amelia Earhart, Spin and Steve Miller San Juan Island home is for sale.

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Image for Housing Market's Top Dog

Housing Market's Top Dog

Seattle area has notched its sixth straight month as the hottest real-estate market in the country. Delivery Express acquires LabReach,  Support non-profits and summer movie guide.

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Image for Making the Delivery Express newsletter great again

Making the Delivery Express newsletter great again

Local, Relevant, Fun, Faster! Short on time? Our newsletter is now bimonthly and the content is quick and easy to read with plenty of pizzazz no matter what your device. Check it out below!

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Image for 2017 could be worst winter in four years

2017 could be worst winter in four years

For the first time in four years, Seattle and other lowland areas might get snow this winter. Some are even predicting a “snowmageddon” on par with winter 2008-09. Awkward family photos, give the best gifts with this holiday guide and why you should leave the winter weather driving to us!

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