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Becoming a Driver

Several options are available for drivers interested in contracting
with Delivery Express including:

The top weekday on-demand contract drivers average nearly $175 in gross revenue, complete 12 deliveries,
and drive close to 200 miles on any given day. On-demand contract drivers are paid 52% of every completed job
and receive 100% of the fuel surcharge, when applicable. Route drivers are paid on a per route basis with revenue
ranging from $100-$200 per day and negotiated based on route requirements.

You must meet certain contractual obligations before your contract can be finalized with Delivery Express:

1. Fill out the information form at www.shiftboard.com/dlx/register.html
    After you have filled out this form our Driver Manager will review your information and contact you directly.
2. Provide a copy of your Master Business License from the Washington State Department of Licensing (File a Master Business Application)
3. Provide a copy of your automobile insurance for $300,000 in commercial vehicle coverage
4. Provide a copy of your UTC permit # (for General Commodities) from the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission (File a UTC permit)
5. Lastly, setup a start date to fill out the contract and get set up as an independent contract driver working with Delivery Express!